MP Hosein upset at lack of debate on crime

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

Barataria/San Juan MP Saddam Hosein.

Saddam Hosein, UNC MP for Barataria/San Juan, lamented on Friday that his earlier motion calling for an urgent parliamentary debate on violent crime had been disallowed, in a statement titled: Motion on crime deemed not definite, urgent and of public importance.

He said he had filed a motion in the House of Representatives to raise the outrageous crime situation.

This motion, he said, was based on an urgent need for the Government to account to citizens after more than 500 murders, plus robberies and home invasions.

“MP Hosein was informed by the Parliament at 12.57 pm today, via phone call, that the Speaker of the House was not satisfied that this matter of the outrageous crime situation was not urgent, definite and of public importance.”

He complained that his matter was not read during the sitting or placed on the Hansard record.

Hosein also alleged that the Government had abdicated its responsibility to protect citizens.

“While young students are hiding under their desks in schools from near rapid gunfire, persons being robbed and gunned down in broad daylight, the Government refuses to discuss the issue of crime. Today we have a Prime Minister in isolation, a sleeping Minister of National Security, and a government hiding from the electorate.

“The PNM Government is in hermit mode.”