Mourner: Slain Adana making delicious meals in heaven


Scores of mourners on Wednesday remembered slain mother Adana Stacey Dick for her infectious smile, bubbly personality and love for her children and cooking.

The funeral for the Claxton Bay mother of five took place at David Guides and Son Funeral Chapel, Southern Main Road in Couva.

The 47-year-old suspect in her killing has not yet been found. He is the father of 11 and lives at Cedar Hill in Claxton Bay.

Addressing mourners at the funeral, one of her friends from Carenege, Annmarie Peltier, had a message to men.

“When we say ‘no’ as women, we mean that. You did not have the right to demand more.”

Peltier said she and Dick had plans to lime last Saturday.

“Saturday never came because somebody didn’t understand the words ‘let go’.”

She remembered Dick for her kindness saying it appeared that she “didn’t have problems on earth.”

Last week Tuesday, police found Dick’s body near a bus shed at the Southern Main Road opposite Christian Drive in Plaisance Park. She was stabbed while on her way to the St Margaret’s police station to report a domestic violence dispute.

When police arrived, the killer had already left.

Her sister, Kamaria Dick, told mourners they shared good times and bad moments.

In tears, she said: “I know you will radiate in heaven with your infectious and beautiful smile.

“You will be warming bellies with your delicious meals which we on earth will miss. Without a doubt, heaven will be beautifully decorated with all your glitz and glory.”

Another mourner said Dick loved and took care of her children.

The friend said Dick was always smiling “even under pressure.”

Saying God has the key to life and death, she called on other mourners to be there for the children to see them grow up and become good citizens.

Pastor Clarie Hospedales officiated saying the life a person lives will determine if he/she has eternal life.

He urged the congregation to share a relationship with God and live for Jesus.

Hospedales did not make mention of the circumstances of the death, however to Dick’s children he said: “The Lord will take care of you. He is the father of the fatherless, the mother of the motherless.”

“To those who want to quarrel, quarrel with Jesus. He who has your mind, has you. Weep with Jesus. Asked him the questions. He is the only one with the answers. He will take care of you.”

The body was taken to the Diamond cemetery in Claxton Bay for burial.

A few months ago, Dick had been renting an apartment at Christian Drive. She lived with her five children, ages two to 14.

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