Mottley encourages Bajans to care for each other this Christmas Loop Barbados

The content originally appeared on: News Americas Now

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The content originally appeared on: Barbados News

Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley is encouraging citizens to embrace the spirit and values of Christmas.

In her Christmas Day Message, the Barbadian Prime Minister stressed on the importance of working together, caring for each other, respecting each other and being “the keepers of our sisters and brothers”.

“For celebratory though it may be for most, this holiday season can also be very difficult for those who have lost loved ones, who are lonely or depressed, or who find it hard to make ends meet. This year, let us find a way to reach out to as many as we can, who may be in need, and who, once we bring them cheer, can get some relief. We hope that they too, will then be touched by the Spirit of the Season, as they experience its real meaning through us,” Prime Minister Mottley remarked.

Addressing the removal of the COVID-19 restrictions, she implored that citizens must continue to practise sanitary measures and control their behaviour as cases rise daily.

“…we must still practise those sanitary measures with which we have become accustomed, as COVID has not gone away and there are still new infections daily. But we can manage them, and we can control our behaviour and prepare ourselves to minimise its impact,” she continued.

Mottley commended the collective efforts of all residents to bolster the island’s economy. She stressed: “We must stay the course!”, as global threats such as the climate crisis, inflation and a possible recession persist.

“Our national tone must therefore be one of gratitude for what we have been able to overcome and accomplish; of optimism about the future; of the need for resilience in all areas of our personal and national lives; and of our determination to continue to be the best that we can be as individuals, the best we can be as families and communities, but above all else, the best we can be as a nation,” she emphasised.