Mother of Ornella Greaves recalls last warning to daughter


More than one week after her daughter Keisha Ornella Greaves was shot dead during a protest on the Beetham Highway, Annette Greaves recalled the last time she saw her daughter alive and her last warning, which unfortunately went unheard.

The elder Greaves made the remarks during her tribute for her daughter’s funeral at the Jesus Elam Revival Assembly Church, Prizgar Road, Barataria, on Wednesday, in which she detailed the last warning she gave her daughter as she walked towards fiery protests in the area.

“The day Ornella died I heard all the commotion and wondered what was going on. I walked outside and saw everyone walking towards the direction of the highway.

“I saw Ornella passing. I asked her where she was going. She had her phone out recording and she said she was going right there. I told her when you hear the police start to shoot, you might get a bullet and I don’t know what I will do.”

An emotional Darren Joseph calls for justice for his wife Keisha Ornella Greaves. – ROGER JACOB

Greaves said while she was still grieving her daughter’s death, she came to terms with her passing and encouraged mourners to take the time to teach their children the right values and lessons.

“She (Ornella) liked a lot of parties. I would ask if that’s all she was looking for, I told her to know God because parties can’t save you.

“God led us to our family and the time came for her to go home. Nobody knows how and when they will go. I would like everyone here to know that we are celebrating life. I want you all to raise your children in the right and proper way. Teach them about God. Without God we cannot do anything.”

During his sermon, Bishop Gary George called on mourners not to take their lives for granted and value every moment by valuing others around them.

Mourners at the funeral for Keisha Ornella Greaves at the Jesus Elam Revival Assembly Church in Barataria on Wednesday. – ROGER JACOB

He also lamented how violent TT had become as people could be killed for no other reason than being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

“You don’t have to get old to die. We live in a time where you can wake up and get killed by a stray bullet. These days you don’t have to make enemies to get enemies and we should get used to that.

“If it’s one time we should reflect on our lives, is at a service like this. You don’t have to be a bad person for a stray bullet to kill you, that is why we should live and appreciate every day.”

George also said while people must respect the law, the law should also respect the people.

For his part, Ornella’s cousin Keith Greaves urged mourners not to forget about her five children after the funeral and continue to offer their support and assistance however they could.

He said even as they grieved the death of Ornella, her children were still alive and needed the care and guidance of the adults around them.

After the service, Greaves’ common-law husband Darren Joseph told reporters he was upset that Police Commissioner Gary Griffith did not visit him after his wife’s death.


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