Morvant man shot dead days after being beaten


Days after he was reportedly beaten by a group of men in the area, 34-year-old Dwayne Joseph was gunned down as he washed his car near his Pelican Extension, Morvant, home.

Joseph, was shot dead on Tuesday by a gunman who approached him from behind as he washed his car.

Speaking with Newsday at the Forensic Science Centre, St James, on Wednesday, Joseph’s sister Lisa Julien said despite repeated warnings about how dangerous the area had become, Joseph did not pay heed.

“We are always talking to him and warning him, because just some days before he died they beat him up and bust his head.

“He is an adult. All we can do is talk to him and warn him. He’s a grown man and like he always said, he had to earn a living, and that involved coming out of his house.”

Another sister, Sandra Taylor, told Newsday that Joseph was a Muslim and felt part of the tension between him and others in the area might have stemmed from his religion.

“He was very quiet but he had run-ins with people. Him being a Muslim, with all that’s going on between Muslims and Rastas, he had some run-ins because of that.”

Taylor denied earlier news reports that Joseph was related to a “senior gang member” who was killed, saying they only had one other brother, who died of natural causes.

Both women said they were saddened by the murder and did not venture outdoors, as they felt unsafe.

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