More deaths threats for DSS CEO


Drugs Sou-Sou founder Ker­ron “Preeze” Clarke in ad­mit­ting that he has re­ceived fresh death threats and is plead­ing with the gen­er­al pub­lic to stop be­liev­ing ru­mours about him own­ing as­sets such as hous­es, yachts, planes and a room full of mon­ey
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Vasant defends family name after Kamla attack -

The term ‘knife and fork’ In­di­an is an in­sult to all young men and women of East In­di­an de­scent whose par­ents toiled long and hard and made sac­ri­fices to pro­vide their chil­dren with an ed­u­ca­tion to al­low them to have up­ward mo­bil­i­ty.