More crime in Southern Division than last year

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

(From left) Supt Ian Carthy, Snr Supt Richard Smith and Insp Michelle Lewis at the Police Administration Building, Port of Spain, on Thursday morning. Photo by Narissa Fraser

COMMANDER of the police Southern Division acting Snr Supt Richard Smith has said crime in the division has increased when compared to last year.

He was speaking at a media briefing at the Police Administration Building in Port of Spain on Thursday morning.

Having just been appointed commander in August, he said an assessment was done and provided the following statistics for January 1-September 13 for both years.

“These are the ‘pillar’ crimes in our division,” Smith said.

However, he said since his appointment, there has been a 47 per cent reduction in serious reported crimes.

“We have partnered with municipal police, licensing officers, stolen vehicles unit, traffic wardens, as well as the watchmen and security officers of the various government buildings and business establishments within the division.

“This initiative has resulted in an increase in law-enforcement presence in the division, especially in the urban areas, and a reduction in street crimes.”

He said over the past four weeks, 151 warrants have been executed and 113 people arrested. In addition, police have seized 15 guns and 180 rounds of ammunition.

“I have also formed a divisional gang unit and intelligence unit, and they have been actively pursuing the gangs that have been identified in our division.”

In addition, he has created a special operations team to deal with protesters who block the road.

“From July 11-August 10 we had 13 murders, compared to from August 11- September 11 we had five murders. Shooting and woundings went from five to three, robberies went from 47 to 29, break-in offences went from 30 to 23, general larceny went from 23 to 13 and larceny of motor vehicles – which is plaguing us right now – remains the same at ten.

“Based on the initiatives that we have put in place, we have seen remarkable reductions.”


Murders 27

Shooting and wounding 41

Robberies 130

Motor vehicle larceny 45

Housebreaking and larceny 49


Murders 63

Shooting and wounding 61

Robberies 230

Motor vehicle larceny 97

Housebreaking and larceny 51