Mom of man linked to murdered casino worker says: I don’t know Kezia

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

FOUND DEAD: Kezia Jeneka Guerra whose body was found in a grave in the forests in Maracas, St Joseph on Thursday. 

THE mother of a man who died by suicide on Sunday and who police connected to the disappearance and death of casino worker Kezia Guerra said she does not know anything about any relationship her son may have had with Guerra.

Speaking at her Riverside Road, Curepe home on Friday, Isha Pinder told Newsday she only knew of the connection from media reports.

Her son Akash Ramesar was found dead on Sunday afternoon, hours after he was released from police custody. Ramesar, 36, and two Venezuelan men were detained on Saturday night after the three were spotted along Acono Road, Maracas, St Joseph after Ramesar told police his car had shut down.

The three were detained after police said they were acting suspiciously but they were released the following day.

Guerra was reported missing the day Ramesar was found dead.

Police said they connected Ramesar to Guerra through information stored on his cellphone, which was examined and accessed by detectives in the TTPS’ Cyber Crimes Unit.

Pinder said: “My son will sleep, get up, bathe and go out…that is all I know. My son never shared anything with me. I don’t know what going on. I buying the papers and reading just like everybody, I too am puzzled.”

Asked if her son ever brought Guerra home, she responded: “I never know she to come here. I don’t even know he had a girlfriend because he liked to gamble.”

Guerra, a casino worker, was found in a grave in the forest off Santa Barbara Road, Maracas, St Joseph on Thursday morning.

The two Venezuelan men who were held but later released along with Ramesar, were re-arrested on Wednesday night, hours after Guerra’s bloodied handbag was found near a river in the forest off Acono Road, Maracas, St Joseph.

Police said the two Venezuelan men are assisting them with their investigations. One of them is said to have led police to Guerra’s grave after admitting he was hired by someone to dig a hole.

Guerra’s boyfriend Dillon Huggins, told Newsday on Wednesday that Guerra used to care for a teenage relative of Ramesar and she was last seen alive on Saturday when she left home telling loved ones she was going to meet Ramesar’s relative and take her to the mall.

Pinder said she was shocked to hear that her son was connected in some way to Guerra. She said her son kept to himself and even when he was on the taxi stand, he would park his taxi, away from the other drivers.

Asked if she had anything to say to Guerra’s relatives, Pinder, 63 said: “I don’t know those people; I don’t know what to say. I suffer with my heart so I can’t really say anything because I don’t know anything.”

Ramesar, known as Ryan in the community where he lived, was described by some of his neighbours who spoke with Newsday on Friday as a chronic gambler.

Guerra’s autopsy has been scheduled for next Monday at the Forensic Science Centre in St James.