Missing teen’s mother believes he is dead after older son’s funeral

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

Rima Hosein –

DAYS after cremating her older son, Mikiel, Rima Hosein believes her younger son, Matthew, who is missing, is also dead.

Mikiel’s headless corpse was found in in a bushy area near Woodford Lodge in Chaguanas on November 10, almost two weeks after he went missing while searching for his brother Matthew, 17, who disappeared on August 25.

Mikiel Hosein –

Speaking with Newsday after Mikiel’s body was found, Hosein said he promised her he would never stop searching for his brother.

At the time, she believed Matthew was still alive, and said she hoped he had not met the same fate.

But after Mikiel’s funeral on Saturday, she now believes Matthew is also dead.

“If Matthew was alive, I know he would have been there. He would have attended his brother’s funeral. I know that for sure,” she said.

Hosein struggled to contain her emotions as she admitted to fearing the worst. She said she has reached a point where she just wants answers.

“I don’t want to say it, but I don’t know what going on with my son. I am just pleading, like how I plead for Mikhail and I got answers, I want to get the same for my other son. I have to get closure for (Matthew), because this is not an easy thing.”

She said even at Mikiel’s funeral, she kept thinking about Matthew.

Matthew Hosein –

“It wasn’t easy knowing the final respect I paid for my son. To throw the ashes in that water was real hard, knowing that I haven’t found his brother. I just want answers for my next son.”

Hosein said her relationship with her youngest child, and only daughter, has changed as a result of the ordeal.

“With my two boys gone, I will be have to be strong for their sister. But in terms of raising her, it’ll be total difference, because I have to safeguard her from any danger, and I will be more protective. I don’t even want anybody talking to my child without me there.”

Hosein said she searched for Matthew initially after his disappearance, but is afraid to continue because of what happened to Mikiel when he tried to find Matthew.

“I will pray and fast as usual, because I can’t go out there and search and put my life in danger. I have a daughter, and I am trusting in God that I will get answers soon for Matthew.”

She said the police and the Hunters Search and Rescue team searched for Matthew but found nothing pointing to where he may be.

Hosein said the police have also told her they have no viable leads in the investigation into his disappearance.

Newsday spoke with head of the Hunters Search and Rescue Valance Rambharat, who said Matthew was seen on CCTV footage in Tewarie Trace, Arena Village, the day he went missing.

“We spent three or four days searching all the rivers, traces, agricultural roads and ponds. Based on some information obtained by an individual, we went back again and searched a couple of the agriculture ponds in the area.”

He said two weeks ago Hosein told him police from the Freeport station would contact him to launch another search, but they have not yet called him.

Calls to the number listed for the station on the police website went to a busy tone after ringing once.

Asked his thoughts on Hosein’s belief that her son was no longer alive, Rambharat called on her to have hope.

“When we search, we search to find you alive. The issue of a person not being alive doesn’t enter our mind. I always tell her, ‘Keep it in mind that your son is alive.’

“We have to face reality, and what she just did with the brother’s funeral…that is facing reality.”But when we search, we don’t search with that in mind. We always think we’re looking for somebody and they are alive.”

Before Mikiel’s funeral, Hosein issued a plea to Matthew, whom she fondly referred to as “Papa,” begging him to come home.

This time, though, Hosein said: “I’m pleading to anyone who have Matthew – and if he has died, God forbid – just please, give me my son. Let me lay him to rest, like what I did for his brother.”