Missing hiker found safe at top of waterfall

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

THE SEARCH IS ON: Members of the Fire Services search and rescue team are seen in this photo posted to the TT Fire Services Facebook page, in the Rincon forests on Sunday during a successful rescue of missing hiker Andre Rock. PHOTOS COURTESY TT FIRE SERVICES –

A MISSING hiker was found alive on Sunday morning on top of the Rincon waterfall in the forests of Las Cuevas in the Northern Range. He was found by members of the TT Fire Services and the TT Defence Force search and rescue teams.

Members of the Hunters’ Search and Rescue Team were also said to be involved in the search.

A WhatsApp message from the Hunters’ Search and Rescue Team’s captain Vallence Rambharat said that shortly after 2 pm on Sunday, lost hiker Andre Rock, was found safely at around 11 am.

“He over-nighted there. The Hunters’ Search and Rescue Team, a Fire Services search and rescue team and Defence Force personnel responded to the distress call.

“It was a well co-ordinated rescue operation. Andre Rock was in excellent condition and walked out without assistance,” the WhatsApp message stated.

Rock went missing on Friday while hiking to the waterfall, which the group said was about 90 minutes off Rincon Road.

Rambharat said a tree fell on the trail Rock was using and, on his return, he attempted to use a detour which took him to the top of the waterfall.

ON THE TRAIL: Members of the TT Fire Services’ search and rescue team walk along a trail in Rincon, in this photo posted to the TT Fire Services Facebook page, on Sunday during the search for missing hiker Andre Rock. He was later found unhurt near the Rincon waterfall. –

“It was late, so he remained there overnight.”

The rescue team, since its formation in February 2021, has been assisting with many searches and rescue efforts. To date, group members said, it has helped in finding 98 people and retrieving 30 bodies.