Met Office: Storms, thunderstorms likely until Friday

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

The Met Office said the storms experienced in Trinidad on Monday are the result of an induced low-level trough over TT. In conjunction with other weather phenomena, this has caused the atmosphere to become unstable. It said this pattern is expected to continue over the next two-three days.

In a post on its Facebook page, the Met Office said the trough, “due to a shear-line from a low-pressure system in the middle of the Atlantic is causing the atmosphere to be unstable, especially after much daytime heating.

“Accompanying this has been an increase in moisture in the atmosphere due to northward migration of moisture from northern South America…This has led to the development of thunderstorms and moderate to heavy showers in some locations after midday. This pattern is likely to continue over the next tw-three days but some days are likely to be more unstable than others. As a result, the chance of isolated thunderstorm activity over TT is likely to continue.”

It said there might be some relief from the rainfall by Friday, when plumes of Sahara dust are likely to dominate.

Its rainfall outlook for April isuggested the month was likely to have near-normal rainfall.

Before Monday’s rain, it said, “April was relatively dry, with cumulative rainfall at 8 am on April 25 being a meagre 25.4 mm, being just 43.4 per cent of the average total (58.8 mm) for April. The rainfall currently being observed will likely lead to the forecast of near-normal totals being achieved.”