Mayaro honours Hunters Search and Rescue team for exemplary work

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

The Hunters Search and Rescue team. File photo/Roger Jacob

IN a gesture of recognition and gratitude, the Hunter’s Search and Rescue Team, which has been leading successful rescue missions throughout the country, was honoured for its exemplary work on Wednesday by the Mayaro community.

An exception was made to acknowledge and reward the group, led by Captain Vallance Rambharat, during a prize-giving ceremony organised by the Mayaro Culture and Arts Committee for Carnival 2023 winners.

At the function held at the Mayaro Resource Centre, MP Rushton Paray highlighted the remarkable efforts of the group, which has done yeoman service in that community.

Mayaro MP Rushton Paray.

Paray commended the team for being a beacon of hope amidst adversity, embodying the robust spirit of TT.

“Their steadfast dedication and commitment towards aiding fellow citizens truly echo the resonating love and unity within our community.”

He emphasised that the team’s selfless service transcends recognition, aiming instead to cultivate a safer environment for all.

In a gesture of gratitude and support for the team’s ongoing missions, Paray presented Rambharat with a full trauma kit and 20 ponchos for operations during adverse weather conditions.

“Hunters Search and Rescue Team is not just an integral part of our country but also stands as a testament to the humanitarian spirit of our people, inspiring all of TT.

“I wish to express profound thanks for their service and commend their families for their unwavering support. As they continue their noble endeavours, they carry with them the love and respect of the entire nation.”

Leader of the Hunters’ Search and Rescue Team Vallence Rambharat.

In an interview, Rambharat also expressed gratitude on behalf of his team. He told the Newsday Paray has been very supportive of them during their 27 months of operation.

“Whenever we assisted families whose loved ones went missing or needed assistance on the eastern seaboard of Trinidad, MP Paray would always be involved in providing critical support to the team.”

He said in the case of two-year-old Allon Ramdial, who fell off the landing jetty at Ortoire Village last December, Paray provided sustenance for the group for the 96 consecutive hours they spent in search. The group eventually found Allon’s body.

COASTAL SEARCH: A member of the Hunters Search and Rescue Team is seen in this photo posted to the team’s Facebook page, searching the sea near the mouth of the Ortoire River for the then missing three-year-old Allon Ramdial. –

“When the search for four missing fishermen from Guyaguyare Village took on an international dimension, he worked with the Minister of Foreign Affairs to provide guidance and assisted our team throughout.

“When the hog plum tree fell and killed two farmers in the Grand Lagoon area, he assisted our team as we had to move quickly in case it was a rescue operation.”

Rambharat said with a team engaged in search and rescue, a supply chain has to be quickly developed with meals and housing to sustain their operation.

“MP Paray is always there to provide that critical assistance to our team.”

He said the group was extremely grateful for his assistance with high-quality gear and equipment.

“A trauma kit and rain gear were sorely needed during our recent rescue operation in Erin a few weeks ago,” he said.

He was referring to the rescue of five-year-old Jenysa Alleyne, who was swept away by raging flood waters in a river near her father’s Erin home.

MIRACLE BABY: Marina Murray hugs her daughter Jenysa Alleyne, five, at a relative’s home in Point Fortin after she was discharged from the Siparia District Health facility. – Photo by Ayanna Kinsale

Alleyne’s rescue some 15 hours later was described as miraculous, as she was found sitting on the river bank with few scratches and insect bite marks on her face.

“Our team worked throughout the night in the rain without raincoats.”

He said the thermal rain gear Paray provided “would allow the team to function more effectively in rainy weather.

“We thank MP Rushton Paray for his assistance and look forward to working with him in the future.”