Maxi drivers sanitise City Gate


The Route Two Maxi-Taxi Association on Sunday banded together to power-wash and sanitise the six loading bays at City Gate.

Linus Phillip, president of the association, told Newsday in a phone interview, “We are hard at work. The maxi taxi drivers are power washing City Gate, washing down everything.”

For Sunday only one bay was available to load and offload passengers.

The group of drivers pitched in with their own time and money to clean the bays.

The team had three power washers and the rest swept, scrubbed and sprayed the area.

“It was something we started to plan before this whole corona thing even started.

“The guys don’t have much work, so we decided we are going to do it today (since) it hardly had maxis.

“The response of the drivers were good. The drivers turned out and put money together and bought what we need.

“City Gate is looking totally different already. Come out tomorrow and it would not be the same place.”

Phillip said the drivers were not leaving City Gate until all six bays were cleaned.

Public transport vehicles, including maxi taxis, are now mandated to carry half their normal passenger load to facilitate social distancing because of the covid19 pandemic.

On how the maxis will handle the decreased load of passengers from Monday, Phillip said they will just have to wait and see.

“The drivers will be out.

“It is not a personal thing. Some say they won’t be able to work, and others will come out, and we will see how it is and they will work to suit. If everyone comes out, it will be hard.”

He said if the restriction of movement lasts longer than the designated two weeks, the drivers may have to split the fleet in two and work on alternate days.

“If we have co-operation from everyone, this might work better than having everyone come out and fight for the passengers.”

Phillip said the drivers have no plan to raise fares in spite of their decreased passenger load.

“Yes, it is hard for us, but it is a crisis and everyone has to play their part.

“Most of the drivers, from the little chat we had, said let us play it by ear, come out and see how it is working out and how long it will go. If it is going too long, we’ll have to see what we can do to ease the burden of the drivers.”

He said they would work in conjunction with the Ministry of Works to see what can be done before making any decision to increase the cost of transport.

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