Massy gets 456-page report on Parisot-Potter’s claims

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

Angelique Parisot-Potter.
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Massy has announced the completion of a report by “independent external counsel” hired to investigate a 13-page report which had been submitted by the conglomerate’s former vice president, Angelique Parisot-Potter.

It did not share any findings of the report.Massy issued a statement on Saturday which said, “(The report) treats separately with each of the more than 100 allegations contained in Mrs Parisot-Potter’s statement and is supported by more than 2,000 pages of testimony and related documents, all of which are currently being reviewed by Massy’s attorneys.”

At Massy’s 100th AGM last December, Parisot-Potter, raised a number of concerns about governance and fiduciary practices.She made other comments that drew widespread public speculation about overseas training programmes.

Parisot-Potter said she was required to participate in the company’s executive leadership programme, in Florida, which she said involved “bizarre rituals,” including training to communicate with the dead.

Two weeks after the AGM, Massy said it had appointed an unnamed independent external counsel to investigate the contents of Parisot-Potter’s letter to then-CEO Gervase Warner. Warner retired in February.

On April 6, Massy said the 456-page report was based on investigations done by attorneys Kerwyn Garcia, SC, and Vishma Jaisingh and submitted to Luisa Lafaurie Rivera – an independent non-executive director and chairman of the board’s governance, nomination and remuneration committee – on April 4.

“Following the review, a special board meeting will be convened to discuss the findings and determine what actions, if any, are to be taken arising out of this report,” Massy’s statement read.