Maracas man killed in John John

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

The cache of weapons retrived by officers of the Inter Agency Task Force and Canine Unit during a search of a house in Laventille on Saturday night. –

THE COUNTRY recorded another murder on Sunday with the shooting death of a Maracas man in Block 8, John John, Laventille.

According to police reports, the dead man was identified as Adrian Belasco, 46. His last known address was in Maracas.

Police said at about 11 am on Sunday, loud explosions were heard coming from Plaisance Terrace and after checks were made, a man of African descent with a slim build and a Rasta hairstyle, was seen lying in the roadway with wounds to the left side of the head and abdomen.

Several spent shells were also seen on the road. The victim was wearing a white jersey and khaki pants.

On Friday, a 51-year-old man was shot multiple times in Diego Martin.

He was identified as Ronnie Forde, of LP Barter Circular, Ravine Road, Diego Martin and of Rio Claro.

A police report said at around 9.15 pm on Friday, Forde left his Ravine Road home to go to a mini-mart. When he there, he got into an argument with a man and shortly after gunshots were heard.

Police found Forde’s body with gunshot wounds. He died at the scene.

In another unrelated incident, a 22-year-old man was found dead in Malick, Barataria, on Saturday.

He was identified as Raheem Edwards, also known as Fat Head. A police report on this shooting said Edwards was shot at about 4 pm.

Police said residents heard a series of gunshots and a group of men seen fleeing the scene. One man was found on the roadway lying on his back with a gunshot wound to his head.

Police said they have no motive for this killing, however, patrols are expected to be increased in the community since this area has seen a recent spike in violent crimes over the last month.

The three latest murders have taken the murder toll for the year to 93, according to a police tally.

In other crime-related news, officers of the Inter Agency Task Force and Canine Unit conducted a strike-back exercise between 10.30 pm on Saturday and 1 am on Sunday, in the Laventille area.

The exercise was spearheaded by W/ACP Jackman, senior Supt Subero, ASPs Ramesar and Cuffy and was coordinated by Insp Sirju and supervised by Cpl De Silva.

Police said during the exercise, at about 11.30 pm, PC Lowell went to Leotard Street, Laventille, with a search warrant for guns and ammunition when he found a black suitcase with a Glock pistol, fitted with a laser attachment, another Glock, an American Umni hybrid multi calibre rifle, fitted with a scope, a Stag Arms rifle, 11 pistol magazines, 11 rifle magazines, 245 rounds of 5.56 ammunition, 64 rounds of 9mm ammunition, 85 rounds of 40 calibre ammunition, a Glock speed loader, an M16 magazine speed loader and a CYA holster.