Marabella man killed in drive-by shooting

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

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THE family of Kirby Doyle, who was murdered in his hometown of Marabella on Tuesday night, described him as loving, hard-working as they mourned his death on Wednesday.

His younger brother Kisshon said Doyle, 28, was never involved in anything illegal to their knowledge and did not know who would want him dead.

For this reason, he said, he is leaving his killer(s) in the hands of God.

“I am not a person to avenge anybody’s death. I will let God handle that. I really didn’t expect him to die in this way. He’s not the kind of person to get into any drug thing He was hardworking he used to get up in time for work.”

Doyle, a labourer, was shot dead during a drive-by shooting as he rode a bicycle on the corner of Ramnanan and Gopaul Street, Marabella , around 8.30 pm on Tuesday.

Residents recall hearing loud explosion as a white Chevy car, registration unknown, slowed alongside Doyle and the occupants opened fire, hitting him several times, before driving away.

Doyle died on the spot.

Kishon recalled the good nature of his oldest brother.

“Kirby was a loving person. He did nothing wrong to anyone, He was very hard-working, very diligent. He never back answer anyone. He was always there as a brother in this family. He was always there for family

“If you needed him to do something, you just had to say ‘Kirby do this or Kirby do that’ and he was always around to help out.”

He said the death of the oldest of five children for his parents, “is the hardest thing right now. I just miss him so much,” he told the media at the family’s 91 Second Street, Battoo Avenue, Marabella, where Doyle lived with his mother and twin brothers, Kisshon and Kervin.

Kisshon said he was playing football on nearby grounds when the incident occurred.

“I went by the grounds to play football and when I came back the neighbours told me the bad news that Kirby got shot.”

He said he went looking for him but did not see anybody and upon his return was informed by Kervin that Kirby had died.

He said the last time he saw his brother was on Tuesday morning when he woke up and left for work.

He said the bicycle he was riding was not his own, but belonged to a friend in the area. He said he did not know why Doyle was out at that time or his destination. He is convinced it was nothing illegal, however.

Police including ASPs Jaikaran and Mangroo, Insp Phillip, Sgts Hosein and Stoute, WSgt Bassarath and Cpl Ramsingh visited the scene, along with Sgt Radhaykissoon and a party from Homicide Region 3.

CSI personnel PCs Mohammed and Young also visited and processed the scene.

DMO Chamaiah ordered the removal of the body to the San Fernando General Hospital.

Enquiries are continuing.