Man killed in Marabella

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

Danny Mehalal

A 24 year old coconut vendor was killed at Pariag Street, Marabella early on Monday morning.

The deceased was identified as Danny Mehalal from Gasparillo. According to police reports, the incident happened at Pariag Street, Marabella.

A female friend of Mehalal, who declined to give her name was in shock and confused by his murder.

“He was not a trouble maker or anything like that. Danny was a good boy.”

She said, “Everybody knew him as the coconut boy. He brought coconuts for everybody. He sold coconuts in the market.”

The woman said she returned to her home at Pariag Street around 12.03 am.

She recalled seeing Mehalal leaving the place he was staying and telling her he was going out.

The woman said, sometime later, she went walking along the street and saw two masked men dressed in black. One of them was armed with a gun and they called to her.

The woman ran back to her house and locked the door. She said she subsequently heard loud noises and was told that Mehalal was dead. The woman said she was told police officers were at the scene shortly after Mehalal was shot.

She believed that Mehalal was in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

“What did they kill him for? I feel he was caught in the crossfire.”

Police investigations are continuing.