Malabar woman dies by suicide

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

File photo.

A 21-year-old Malabar woman has died by suicide after an argument with a male relative last Friday.

He found her body on Monday afternoon.

Police said after the argument, the woman, Malicka Cumberbatch, was dropped off at her grandmother’s St Joseph house.

The man was at work on Monday, but left early when he discovered Cumberbatch was not answering her phone.

When he got to his Malabar Road home at around 12.55 pm he saw her body.

He called an ambulance, and police went to the house with a district medical officer, who declared Cumberbatch dead.

Arima police are continuing enquiries.

Help for the suicidal

Anyone who needs help can call Lifeline (24-hour hotline) at 800-5588, 231-2824 or 220-3636

In case of an emergency (attempted suicide), people can call 990, 811 or 999.

Some warning signs of suicide include mood changes, saying goodbye to close friends and family and giving away possessions, feeling hopeless and like a burden to others.