Lyons wins NACC Calypso of the Year


Reign­ing Ca­lyp­so Monarch Ter­ri Lyons prove she was wor­thy of an­oth­er ti­tle and was prompt­ly award­ed Ca­lyp­so of the Year for the song Meghan My Dear by the Na­tion­al Ac­tion Cul­tur­al Com­mit­tee (NACC) at the Na­pari­ma Bowl, San Fer­nan­do, on Sat­ur­day.
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John endorses Bharath for UNC leader

Unit­ed Na­tion­al Con­gress stal­wart Car­los John has urged a change in the par­ty’s lead­er­ship to­wards con­tender Vas­ant Bharath – but for­mer MP Su­ruj Ram­bachan has ex­pressed con­cern about pos­si­ble low vot­er turnout in elec­tions on Sun­day.