Lotto agents demands being met


After several meetings and a number of deliberations with the National Lotteries Control Board (NLCB), the Electronic Lotto Agents Association of TT (ELAATT) had several of its demands met.

The ELAATT said since the outcome of Tuesday’s meeting was successful, it has called off a planned protest.

“As a result of these consultations and commitments the association cancelled its planned protest action against the NLCB that was carded for June 25.

“All negotiations were done in utmost good faith and we look forward to a more cordial and meaningful relationship with the NLCB,” it said.

ELAATT noted that agents were granted an extension in the banking hours in which deposits can be made. It now allows agents to make deposits any time on Mondays or during normal banking hours for over-the-counter deposits.

The weekly fee has also been reverted to $15 from $100 but there are efforts to have the fee completely removed, while outstanding contracts were being attended to.

A major concern for agents was the suppression of machines which the ELAATT said NLCB has agreed to stop without first informing, advising and giving the agent an opportunity to be heard.

The ELAATT said several other matters have engaged the NLCB’s attention for investigation such as illegal play whe, the distribution of machines within close proximity, a request for 30 per cent of commission grant, the change in time of the last play whe draw and an increase of overall commissions.

It further noted that delinquent agents were being investigated by the NLCB and the ELAATT has sought to distance itself from those agents.

It said, “The association, as a responsible body, hereby condemns such behavior and dissociates ourselves from those agents.”

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