Loads of laughter at Laff It Off Loop Barbados

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The content originally appeared on: Barbados News

Patrons attending Laff It Off last weekend, did just as the name suggests – they laughed their heads off the whole evening, for the most part.

Loop Entertainment attended the second installment of Laff It Off on January 28, and the packed-to-capacity auditorium at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre in St Michael was a testament that its COVID-19-induced absence from the local scene had little effect on the popularity of the comedy show.

Laff it Off gave me a much-needed break from reality

The production, entitled “Whey Yuh Get Dat From?” touched on several topical issues within the Barbadian context and it was never-ending laughter from its prompt 8 pm start until the curtains closed just after 10.30 pm, inclusive of a 30-minute intermission.

The five-member cast included Asha Elcock as “Nooksina”, alongside Janine White, Ishiaka McNiel, Vilmore Johnson and Kyle Cozier. White was in fine form throughout the production and connected well with audience members as she portrayed different characters across the changing scenes. McNeil’s expertise was also evident and his onstage antics resulted in bouts of laughter from attendees. Newcomer Elcock was equally hilarious and her male counterparts Johnson and Cozier were similarly well-received.

As the story unfolded and Nooksina’s help was sought to discard a shipment of guns that arrived at the Nook and Cranny Bar, the show provided a running commentary on several issues plaguing the island in several different scenarios.

From the quality of customer service within the public sector, with a spotlight on the Accident & Emergency Department of the island’s primary healthcare institution, to inspections undertaken by the Customs Department, the show hit the proverbial nail on its head in its comedic portrayal of public opinion. The state of the island’s roadways and non-ending complaints about the prevalence of potholes were also addressed with the right dose of humour.

Laff It Off never disappoints

It expertly tackled contentious issues like the uproar over the short-lived renaming of Independence Day, leaving audience members in stitches on its handling and choice of messenger to deliver the news and subsequent reversal.

Issues such as infidelity and abstinence within relationships, an Elections 2022 throwback, COVID-19 vaccine chronicles as well as the ban of liquor during lockdown were all delivered in light-hearted scenes, intertwining refrains which grew in popularity during COVID-19, like “incline your hearts to common sense”, into the well-written script, for maximum effect.

But the comedy show also shone a spotlight on serious issues as well. It presented views through the lens of teachers regarding the upsurge in violence at schools, the increasing burden of taxation, instances of believed nepotism, and the ever increasing cost of living on the island which resonated with audience members and gave pause for reflection throughout the show.

The Angelo Lascelles-directed show received rave reviews from attendees, with one male patron telling Loop Entertainment after the show: “It was a great show, as usual. Laff it Off never disappoints and always offers great value for money.” While a female attendee said: “I laughed ’til I cried tonight. Laff it Off gave me a much-needed break from reality because sometimes life can get really hard and you need to know how to laugh.”

During its two-hour runtime, the show was interspersed with hilarious short videos and fittingly ended with an entertaining spoof of the popular local band Krosfyah.

The theatrical production, under the executive directorship of Ian Estwick, runs for four more shows every consecutive Saturday until February 25.