LETTER: Exposing the Clown Government Headed By a Clown

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The content originally appeared on: Antigua News Room

Dear Editor,

Antiguans needs to be very careful how they vote come January or March 2023. This election will either make or break the country for decades and centuries to come.

Standing afar it seemsmas though King Liard plans to use the devil Burna Boy concert as a launch pad to announce a election date which strong word on the street rumor has it will be a snap election in January 2023.

Now the leading clown/jackass was asked by the Hounorable Trevor Walker about an increase in pay for civil servants and backpack and King Liard said “they will try their endeavour best to pay” which he knows they cannot afford too with the billions of dollars this wicked government has borrowed already placing g this country in a mess.

It was all a ploy to fool the people of this country and an election gimmick. Remember Antigua people St Kitts is “again” offering its civil servants “double salary”. Its like Antigua people loves bad treatment.

King Liard has also promised village roads and main roads will be fixed. Where is that happening?

The roads we are driving on are in the worst conditions I’ve ever seen it and driven on in my entire life. Even the newly resurfaced roads are deteriorating less than a year of them in existence. Disgraceful!

The roads are overgrown with shrubs making the islands looks unsanitary and saying havoc on the roadways to both pedestrians and motorists.

What has become of the sense system for St Johnsthat LIE NO He’ll said of Obserer radio and in the Cabinet notes a year ago?

All promises no action government! Nothing is being done because this government does not care about the people and they are simply “broke”. “Self enrichment is their motto”.

St John’s is in the most shocking state it has ever been. The city is extremely filthy and still stinks beyond imagination. Imagine tourists season is in full swing send the city of St John’s is in a deplorable state and this “wicked” government has done nothing to bring the city to light.

Remember when tourists come on these cruise ships the city is the first and last thing they see. What kind of impression are we making on tourist who we  want to see come back to our country again and the cruise lines. This government is a “wicked set of people”.

Unemployment in the country as it stands is the highest it has been in decades. Nothing is being done by this “wicked” government to address this issue. No investment has been announced, no assistance to the private sector to help elevate the high unemployment being experienced in the country.

Young people who are unemployed, get registered to vote and vote out this wicked, heartless government in 2023 and put one in there that you feels will serve your best interest.

The vaccination mandate and the teargassing of peaceful protest on the 08/08/20 will go down as the most haneous acts a Caribbean government has ever committed towards its citizens. Persons have lost their jobs, because they refused to inject themselves with the poison, as a result losing their cars, homes and relationships as a result of this wicked government policy.

The bombing and teargassing caused many persons health problem which they never had persist with them up to this day, babies who were in their homes and had nothing to do with teargas suffered health problems, the elderly who had  nothing to do with the protest and were in their homes suffered.

King Liard conveniently took vacation with his family at that particular time when covid vaccination hesitancy was tense and pretended to know nothing acted like everything was a surprised when law enforcement took action “based on instructions they got” and flew up the “next day” to so call bring “peace” to gives people the impression he knoew nothing.

Give me a break. When these wicked people are voted out a commission of enquiry must be set up to investigate the actions on the 08/08/20.

What happened to no household should not go without water for more than 2 days? Its been 2 weeks since I last had water, even with the Fort James RO plant in operation.

We were promised an improvement in water distribution since its installation but “nothing” has changed.

Then King Liard promised a new RO plant in Bethesda and I drive up that side yesterday no sign “at all” of a site being readied to build a structure to house a RO plant. What a set of wicked, heartless people!  Where did the money go for that RO plant?

It’s alleged that Transport Board is paying the salaries of staff at a certain radio station?

If this is true, in which country in the world would this be tolerated? Then there is this FTX and Odebretch scandals which muddied the reputation of the country.

Notice its only in a labor party government does these scandals papers along with losing our Visa Free Acess to Canda? No one is ever held accountable in this place because we are the most “corrupt ” country on earth.

Farmers have been crying out for access to water, lights and electricity to their farmes.

The clown a just come in farming, can “instantaneously” get the foremeationed at his farm ASAP because he is the leader of the country and feels he is touchable and does not care about the plight of farmers who are trying to  are a living to make ends meets so he just sets himself up so he can make all the money, take the Prime agriculture lands, build a dam on his farms, a still have access to government water even if his dam dries up.

Antiguans needs to realise this guy just doesn’t care about them, it’s all about him, his family and his Cabinet getting rich off the backs of tax payers.

Am calling on all the farmers in 2023 vote this dude out because he is clearly showing you all he doesn’t care about you and your concerns.

The cost of gasoline at the pump has gone down tremendously since its highs, and this “wicked government” still has the price at the pump high, high.

The price of gasoline has gone down so much so that its the first time this winter in the USA where we allegedly get our gas will go below 3 dollars gallon since Russia invaded Ukraine.

Even on the world market now oil and gas prices have remained stable and this wicked government still has it very high at the pump. Antigua people you deserve better, these wicked people needs to get their asess kicked in 2023.

Poor people needs relief! The cost of food is rising at the supermarkets daily and never once has this wicked government offered a solution to reduce the prices at the supermarkets and at the pump.

Lighting in this country is shocking. Imagine it took an incident with 2 medicals students RIP to the young man who died and the young lady who lost her arm to get lighting on Friars Hill Road.

In this country we seems to be reactionary instead of taking preventative steps to prevent incidents like this to occur.

Driving up to the eastern side of the country these are roads that are extremely dark that locals tourists travels on daily, there are roads around South which are also dark which tourists and locals traverse daily, up north also there are roads which are dark and nothing seems to be done in order to address the lighting issue.

Will it take another tragic incident for action to be taken? If that is the case we deserve the government we currently have.

Imagine the same government who protested and marched up and down St John’s especially Max Hurst and Lennox Weston against the CIP is now singing it praises. What a hypocritical set of politicians we have in office.

CIP is what is keeping this country afloat currently, however the problem is what can this failed experiment government we have show to people to say this is what CIP has done.

When you go to St Kitts and other islands you can clearly see what the CIP has done.

This government has boasted they have collected over 2 Billion dollars in CIP Revenue so the obvious question is where did it all go? The new incoming administration should investigate where did all this money go and who benefited from it?

The issue of Social Security. The ABLP was the party who destroyed Social Security. Even the current clown we have as PM admitted on his radio program that it was the Lester Bird administration who destroyed Social Security.

Instead of solving the issue and having experts from overseas properly advise the government on how to fix the issue Social Security face all they do is point fingers and raise the contribution and retirement age yearly. This is just ridiculous.

One of the reason Social Security is struggling is because unemployment is very high with the government increasing the age of retirement the senior citizens stay on longer on the job instead of young persons getting a chance to enter the workforce.

Also contributing to Social Security woes is the stagnant private sector and private sector investment which currently obtains in the country. These wicked people just wants to keep the people in a begging phase, Antigua people wake the hell up.

Finally a few of “failed” projects the clown failed to get off the ground. Marriot Hotel, YIDA, WIEZ, Calvin Aire Valley Church Beach, Underwater Hotel, Callaoo Cay, Paradise Lost, etc. etc. Just a bunch of failures.

Also look at the amount of disgruntled workers in the country. Fiennes Institute, Clairevue, Pharmacy Council, National Solid Waste, Nurses, Police, Fire Brigade, Prison Officers etc. etc.

Can’t Antigua people see this government is finished and has severely lost its way. They have no use for us so we should no use for them.

In conclusion this government is a failed, useless, deceitful, 2 tongue lying snake government which must be removed from office whether elections are called in January or March 2023.

They have shown us they only care about self-enrichment of themselves and their families and they are just one set of wicked politrickcians.

Be careful how you vote Antigua people. If these people get another term thing are going to get severely worst, poverty can’t done. Vote them out, red dead! Can’t say you haven’t been warned people.

#Wicked People#Vote Dem Out

#Red Dead

Carol Barthley

Upset Citizen, (Raised in Antigua, born in St Vincent)