Law Association tackles land fraud

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

File photo by Angelo Marcelle.

THE LAW Association said it was in the process of collating a database of suspicious land deeds and questionable sale transactions.

In a public notice, the association said members have been reporting the existence on the records at the land registry of the Registrar General’s department a number of deeds which are suspected to have been “fraudulently” made by people who are not the true owners of property or those impersonating attorneys.

“These deeds and fraudulent identifies are being used to conclude the sale of properties throughout Trinidad and Tobago,” it said.

The association encouraged its members and the public to take appropriate precautions in processing real estate transactions and also advised vigilance when dealing with people who purport to be owners of land or their agents.

In addition to putting together a database of questionable transactions, the association said it was meeting with several stakeholders to address the problem.

It also urged the public to report to it and the Fraud Squad any suspicious transaction. It also advised the public to only hire attorneys with valid practicing certificates when conducting real estate transactions.