‘Last’ Titanic letter fetches £119k


The last letter known to be written on the ill-fated Titanic sold for a world record £119,000 at auction today. The letter was penned by second class passenger Esther Hart just hours before the liner struck an iceberg on Sunday April 14, 1912. The £119,000 price tag shattered the previous record for a Titanic-related letter, which had stood at £94,000, auctioneers said. The letter, headed On board ‘Titanic’ and written on Titanic stationery, comes complete with an envelope embossed with the White Star Line flag. In the letter Mrs Hart, who was travelling with her daughter and well-known survivor Eva Hart, talks about being ill while on board the New York-bound liner. Mrs Hart writes: “My…

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Emergency crews take part in major Thames crash exercise

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