Last-minute shoppers out and about

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

A water vendor tries to get as many sales as possible as people do their Christmas shopping in Port of Spain. – Photo by Roger Jacob

Last-minute shopping seems to be the norm for Trinis, and this year was no different as many people waited until Saturday to do their shopping in preparation for Christmas on Monday.

Robin Matroo takes the hassle out of gift wrapping for shoppers at Trincity Mall. – Photo by Roger Jacob

When Sunday Newsday visited Port of Spain, Charlotte and Frederick Streets were bustling with traffic and pedestrians. The fruit and vegetable stalls were crowded with people, as were stores that sold electronics. Clothing and jewellery items were less busy. Overall, the capital city was not as crowded as in previous years.

Stefon Balkissoon and his daughter Siara shop for earrings, at Dale Jewellery, Gulf City Mall, on December 23. – Photo by Jeff K. Mayers

At Furniture House on Prince Street, salesperson Aaliyah Alfred said sales had been good, with a daily high turnout .

“We’ve been busy since we’ve opened, and people have been coming in steadily.”

Sheriza Baksh looks at clothes with husband Riad Baksh and daughter Kadisha, at Smarty Pantz, Gulf City Mall, on December 23. – Photo by Jeff K. Mayers

One shopper at a vegetable stall on Charlotte Street said her shopping had started out slow earlier this week, but she had mostly finished, except for going to the market on Sunday morning.

Police officers patrol as shoppers go about their business in downtown Port of Spain. – Photo by Roger Jacob

A market vendor said while her sales were slow, she was still glad to be making something by the end of the day.

“Things aren’t so hot, but whatever comes, you have to be grateful. The problem is people does want too much. You have life, you’re getting a little something, what else you want, gold? You want people give you everything, but everybody not having.”

Shoppers on Charlotte Street, Port of Spain look for last-minute bargains on December 23. – Photo by Roger Jacob

On Frederick Street, people were seen carrying small furniture items, shoe boxes, and bags from clothing and electronic stores as they hurried to Independence Square.

The D&G Plant World vendor said his sales were slower than usual, but he still had quite a few customers buying plants.

Sharda Mohan of Kids and Candy, located in East Gates Mall, Trincity places a Pet Alive toy in the store’s display. – Photo by Roger Jacob

In other parts of Trinidad, toys, clothes and jewellery were popular purchases as parents went shopping with their children, allowing them to choose gifts and braving long check-out lines. People also went to get their gifts professionally wrapped or to take their children to see Santa Claus.

Scores of people line up to pay for their items at Jay’s Toy Box, in San Fernando. – Photo by Jeff K. Mayers

Here are some shopping scenes from around the country captured by Sunday Newsday’s Jeff K. Mayers and Roger Jacob.