Kranium’s Gal Policy


Jamaican dancehall artiste Kemar “Kranium” Donaldson tells it as it is. His 2013 hit Nobody Has to Know is testimony to this.

The singer is once again telling it as it is with his new hit song Gal Policy. The song has already amassed over seven million views on YouTube.

In a Zoom interview with Newsday when asked about the song, Kranium said, “To be honest, I have always been an open person when it comes to dancehall music. I always speak my mind. I don’t really care about what people think. That has always been my personality since I was a child.

“I wanted to create music that females and males can relate to on relationship issues.”

Gal Policy tackles the perennial issue of the side chick.

He wrote it last December.

Although some might have issues with Kranium telling it as it is, for him the real outweighs the fake any day. Dancehall tells it as it is.

“Dancehall to me is the only true music left on earth when it comes down to being forward. Everybody else kind of like they don’t take on the pressure of society by being true themselves and being true to the culture.”

“The culture has always been raw, straightforward, gritty, grimy…it has always been that way and the people them always support it that way. And Dancehall music will always ah feel like the heart of the people because as I said it is very raw and very straight.”

Jamaican Dancehall artiste Kranium’s Gal Policy has amassed over seven million views on YouTube. –

Although the covid19 pandemic has somewhat curbed entertainment and culture, Kranium appreciates the downtime since he has been touring consistently for the last five years.

“It is positive because I get a chance to rest and go back to the drawing board and have time to structure my music the way me want to release it,” he said.

Kranium is not the type of artiste to release 15 tracks a year. He prefers to release about two and while he has a lot of music that is sitting waiting, he does not use songs to kill songs.

“So now that Gal Policy is doing so good, I give it that breathing space to do what it has to do. See how far it goes. It is doing amazingly now. When the record reaches its peak, where I feel it reaches its potential and it is doing what it has to do. Then I move it.”

His years as an artiste has taught him that the region’s music is considered a flavour and nor priority on the world’s market.

“I feel like a lot of us don’t understand that. After being in the game and getting a chance to be on the international side of things, I have seen how our music is considered how it is processed. So for me, personally, when I say peak it has to go on the other side.

“I want, if you’re in Africa, you know the record; if you’re in America, in the midwest, you know the record; if you’re in Australia, you know the record. Then I move forward.”

His fans have been requesting a music video for Gal Policy and while he is trying to do that New York City has not granted him a permit to do so as yet. TT-born, New York-based model Shanika Fernandez voiced Gal Policy’s intro, he said.

It is little surprise that the first thing he plans to do post covid19 is visit TT. He said he has never been and so he plans to make a visit. Plus once dating a Trini makes the decision to do so easier for him.

The pandemic has also made Kranium want to see much more of the region.

Prior to covid, he would simply do a show and leave but come post covid that is about to change.


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