King and Queen of J’Ouvert crowned

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The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

Dixie-Ann Fortune with her portrayal, Is I dat have d missing file. – JEFF K. MAYERS

EVERTON Cardinal and Margaret Montano are the King and Queen of J’Ouvert 2023.

After a two-year hiatus, the show kicked off the reign of the Merry Monarch in South Quay, downtown Port of Spain, at 4 am.

Cardinal’s portrayal of the D Best Way To Stop the Spread of the Virus was the highlight of the competition with his unique makeshift cardboard house.

He told the media he felt elated as it is the first time he has won the title.

“I’ve been playing for quite a while portraying the rise of crime over the years. We have a mas camp and the mas arranger comes out with the topics and we chose what we want.”

As he made his way across the stage, spectators looked on in amazement as he dragged the large prop that hid him on the inside. Seconds into his performance, he popped open a small window-like space, wearing a donkey head mask.

The announcer read, “If you don’t want covid19 cover stay your a** inside.”

Goslyn La Borde was Trinidad and Tobago’s #1 man. – JEFF K. MAYERS

The crowd was amused by the creativity and ability to tie metaphors and puns into his winning act.

Margaret Montano’s Erla Take Charge stunned the crowd and sent a wave of laughter as she crossed the stage.

Dressed in what looked like the uniform of Commissioner of Police Erla Harewood-Christopher, but with a white face mask, Montano, gracefully pranced back and forth in a lady-like manner waving to sections of the audience as they followed her movement.

The crowd erupted in laughter when hidden lights flashed on her upper body and she shook violently causing her poorly placed wig to fall off. The commentator asked, “Is the commissioner shocked that she got the job?” as Montano came to the end of her performance before the judges.

She told the media, “I chose Erla Take Charge as she is the first woman (commissioner of police) and that she is going to do the job well; taking charge of those she’s charged over”

Port of Spain mayor Joel Martinez after he crowned the King and Queen of J’Ouvert – Everton Cardinal and Margaret Montano – at South Quay, Port of Spain, on Monday. – JEFF K. MAYERS

Montano said this is her third win. “It’s wonderful to be back out. Bringing back in the buzz is really a wonderful thing.”

The show started at 4 am and an hour and a half later, the king and queen had been crowned.

There were no large gatherings as years before but even with spectators along the pavement, the quality of the show was deemed one of the best by those who came out for the J’Ouvert celebrations.

Port of Spain mayor Joel Martinez told Newsday he felt a sense of pride to see the city come alive once again.

“I’m so happy to have the Carnival return to the city of Port of Spain and TT. It really is a great moment and a fabulous release for the people. Covid19 really did a lot of damage around the world…It affected the culture and the arts, the music industry and everything here was affected. A lot of what you see for Carnival, people make a living from it and not having to do it for two years, it’s like you went out of business.

“To have the creative industry, which is a very rich, cultural industry that gives our people the meaning of who we are really and truly, suffered a blow from covid19.

“However, having Carnival return is magical and I’m hoping at the end of it we would have a wonderful time that shows this was an epic Carnival.”