Kesar: Political victimisation causing ‘imbalance’ in Pt Fortin


ERNESTO Kesar, MSJ (Movement for Social Justice) candidate for Point Fortin says only “select groups” of people usually benefit from state funds in constituency. But once elected, he said, he will help resolve the “continued imbalance” owing to political victimisation.

He was speaking at the opening ceremony for the MSJ’s campaign office on School Road, Point Fortin last week. He said from his walkabouts thus far, he has heard complaints of lack of water, condition of the roads, unemployment, access to proper housing, among other things.

He said many of the people told him they have been complaining for years but to no avail.

“Services, resources and access to those things that are in the public interest is denied to you because of a perception of who you may be voting for or political entity you are affiliated with. You have a right to housing, equal and fair opportunities for sustainable employment. Nobody is supposed to be denied for these things. It is wrong and it goes against humanity.”

He reminded the public of the MSJ’s 2020 campaign: Create a balance.

He said those in power consider Point Fortin to be a “safe seat” so they are not troubled by the issues being faced by constituents as they believe their seat is still “sure.” But he said those days are long gone.

“There is a situation where only certain groups of persons benefit from state resources, there is a situation in Point Fortin where if you don’t belong to a certain grouping, you don’t get anything. We have to fight, scrape, scrunt and be all you can be for yourself.

“They (PNM and UNC) really take us for granted. The public has to judge for themselves. If they see our logic and say, ‘Okay, it’s time to upset the apple cart and put a third party to balance them,’ we will do what we have to do. If they don’t and they put back the establishment, then we have to continue to fight hard, so that someday they would get it.”

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