Kes, Iwer at Bago Jam to launch Tobago carnival

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

Soca artistes Kees Dieffenthaller of Kes the Band, left, and Iwer George will be at Bago Jam on Saturday.

The highly anticipated Tobago carnival, scheduled for October 28-30, will be officially launched on Saturday with a party.

Listed on the Independence calendar of events, Bago Jam will take place at the Shaw Park Complex carpark from 5pm.

The event is free to the public.

Performances are expected from Kes the Band, Iwer George, Farmer Nappy, Shurwayne Winchester, Zan, Kernel Roberts, Sekon Sta and a host of others.

The island’s inuagural October carnival will be held under the theme Ritual, Revelry, Release and a number of activities are scheduled.

The calendar of events was revealed to the media at a media launch recently and includes five main events hosted by the Tobago House of Assembly: Pan in the Gayelle (October 28), J’Ouvert, Night Mas, Emerge Carnival Masquerade Gala (October 29), culminating with Parade of the Bands (October 30).

There are also a number of private events starting in September.

Chair of the Tobago Carnival Committee Meisha Trim is excited for the launch.

“We do have a mixture of artistes, both Tobagonians and Trinis alike. You’ll see mas bands on display, there will be a bit of food, a bit of culture. It’s really an event to kickstart Tobago’s carnival in October.

“We really do expect Tobago to have a great showing Saturday. We look forward to hosting our visitors, our friends across the island in Trinidad and the Caribbean.”

Elvis Radgman, CEO of the Tobago Performing Arts Company, said, “With the excitement about the Tobago carnival, there is a particular kind of interest to galvanise the rest of the country about what Tobago is gonna be offering come October. Thus is really to give people a real taste of what is to come.

“This is gonna be the concert of all concerts. It’s the first major event outside of Great Fete (Weekend) to take place in Tobago. It’s the perfect signal and we expect to fill the space.”

Tobago carnival calendar of events

September 25 – Soaked at Roxborough

October 1 – Dream at the Shaw Park Cultural Complex

October 22 – The Hideout at the Argyle Waterfall

October 23 – Revel on the Harbour Master

October 26 – Waddap Wednesday at Canoe Bay

October 27 – Pink Brunch (venue to be announced)

October 28 – Pan in the Gayelle

October 28 – Floats and Bikinis on the Harbour Master

October 28 – Daylight (venue to be announced)

October 28 – Finesse on board the Embassy.

October 29 – J’Ouvert

October 29 – Night Mas

October 29 – Emerge Carnival Masquerade Gala

October 29 – Mud Festival in Crown Point

October 29 – TUCO Tobago Lime at Tropikist Hotel

October 29 – Soiree (venue to be announced)

October 30 – Parade of the Bands