Kazim Hosein: Good comes out at Ramadan

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

Agriculture Minister Kazim Hosein – File photo

AGRICULTURE Minister Kazim Hosein has said the inherent goodness of people comes to the fore during the holy month of Ramadan.

He expressed this view in his Ramadan message to the nation.

“During Ramadan evil conceals itself while good comes to the fore and the whole atmosphere is filled with piety and purity.”

Hosein said, “The Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) says, ‘The deed of the son of Adam is increased several times (in Ramadan) and the reward is increased by ten times. But Allah Almighty says that fasting is exclusively for Him and He Himself will deliver its reward (to His bondsmen) as he abstains from eating and controls his desires only for Him.'”

Ramadan, he continued, teaches the Muslim community a lesson of self-accountability.

“Fasting can become the best way to achieve purification of heart provided all of its demands are fulfilled. It should be noted merely staying thirsty and hungry would not lead us to get the requisite results.”

Hosein said Ramadan was “of utmost importance in understanding and implementing the Islamic concept of faith, benevolence and excellence.”

He added, “It is the best month to start one’s journey of self-reform and spiritual transformation. It should be kept in mind that this particular month has been considered sacred even from pre-Islamic days too. Ibn-Hisham states that the Quraysh (tribe’s name) in the days of ignorance spent one month a year on Mt Hira, practising penance.”

During Ramadan, Hosein said, “We have to determine how we can enrich ourselves with Allah’s blessings, how we can do as many good deeds as possible, how we can reorganise and reform our personality, conduct and behaviour in these blessed days.”