Judge urges women: Be bold, courageous to save Trinidad and Tobago

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

Justice Frank Seepersad, seated in the front row, at the Presbyterian Church’s women’s rally at Naparima College auditorium, San Fernando on Saturday. – Photo by Yvonne Webb

WOMEN of the Presbyterian Church have been told to do more than pray or profess their faith, but be bold and courageous to save Trinidad and Tobago from its dysfunction.

Justice Frank Seepersad made the entreaty in an address to the church’s women’s rally at the Naparima College auditorium on Saturday.

A lay preacher, Seepersad said, “When things seem to be irretrievably broken, it is time for female intervention.

“At this moment in time, we look around our society and we are faced with evident dysfunction. Crime is out of control and we are no longer safe.

“It appears as though many who have been entrusted with the obligation to govern and find solutions for societal problems may not be discharging their obligations as effectively and efficiently as is required.”

He urged the 300 women at the rally to “step out of their comfort zones” and harness their inner Deborah of the Bible – who was called to deliver the Israelites from bondage –  and become spiritual warriors.

“Our society is deteriorating and the sense of hopelessness which is engulfing us has to be confronted.

“Women of the PCTT, many have heard of your faith, but now we need you to be like Deborah and actualise that faith.

“Allow God to use you to alter the lives of those who are hell-bent on causing mayhem.

“Many of us know of persons who are involved in illegal activity. We may not know them directly, but may know their parents, their siblings or their friends. We must be prepared to be a light for these persons. Act as a beacon of hope and encourage those who walk paths of darkness, to come into the light.

“We must minister to them about the kingdom of God which provides security and comfort.”

By acting in obedience to God, he said, alternative paths of opportunities can be found for those who currently traverse the path of destruction.

“We can alter our conversations and behaviour to become more accepting and inclusive.

“We can reject ethnic and political divisions, transcend ethnic loyalties and hold leaders to account for their actions.

“We can adopt a no-tolerance approach to corruption in all its manifestations. We can inculcate an attitude of giving a fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay.

“We can show that we are capable of treating others with civility and respect even if we disagree with their positions.

“We can hold the hands of our brothers and sisters of many varied races to build a united nation. We can save TT,” Seepersad asserted.