Jamaican Soldier Remembered In Film


CaribWorldNews, LONDON, England, Weds. May 13, 2009: The life of a Jamaican soldier, who joined Britain’s Royal Air Force during World War II, has been eulogized in film.

‘A Charmed Life,’ a documentary about  Eddie Noble, is currently  being shown at venues in London and cities across the United Kingdom.

The 64-minute film by Councilor Patrick Vernon, gives a strong and powerful account of the generation that came to Britain and served during the World War and created a ‘Britishness’ based on nurturing social justice and the values of hard work, tolerance and respect.

Councillor Vernon told JIS News that the UK screenings are to raise awareness of the contributions of Caribbean people to British life.

He said that the idea for the film came about after a meeting with Noble in 2001.

The documentary is based on interviews conducted with Noble at the CLR James Library in Hackney in 2002, a Black History Month event in Tottenham and at his appearance at a Black Child Conference at the Queen Elizabeth Conference in 2004.

Born in Jamaica in 1917, Mr. Noble volunteered for military service at age 25 and served in the RAF. He wrote five books, including poetry and a history of Jamaica. He died at age 90 in 2007.

Vernon, who was elected Councillor of Hackney in 2006, described Noble as a powerful and charismatic man, who was deeply concerned about his community.

He was a past chairman of Age Concern in Hackney and was heavily involved in a number of youth projects and was also a Lollipop man (Street warden who helps school children cross the street).

`He was very proud of Jamaica and of being Jamaican and being British at the same time. He was also worried and concerned abut the generation of black people in Britain. He felt that his generation had worked hard to lay a foundation but he was concerned that their efforts were not being built on. He was particularly concerned about Caribbean boys not making the most of the opportunities,` said Vernon of Noble.

Vernon has also launched a program called ‘The Charmed Life Campaign’ to encourage people to learn, share and document the legacy and achievements of Caribbean and African elders.


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