Jade Claims 6ix9ine and DJ Akademiks Been Dating ‘For A Very Long Time’

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

In what seems to be the hip-hop twist of the year, Jade, the ex-girlfriend of Brooklyn rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine says that he and DJ Akademiks were sexually involved, leading to them breaking up.

Now, ordinarily, this might not make news, but it is going viral in the hip-hop community because of Akademik’s strong anti-gay stance and his homosexual rants against the likes of Saucy Santana.

In the past, DJ Akademiks claimed that gays like Saucy Santana would be beheaded where he’s from. Many have called him out for his shocking and homosexual rhetoric. However, it seems that no one was prepared for the news that he might be gay himself.

According to Jade in an Instagram Story, she and the “Trollz” rapper’s relationship came to an end after she found out about his secret lover.

6ix9ine and Jade

“69 & Akademiks been f**king for a very long time and that’s the real reason I left him,” she claimed on an Instagram Story.

In another, Jade said, “Don’t make me post this video with me playing with ya a$$.”

However, fans have dug up an old comment by Nicki Minaj, who claimed years ago that the two were dealing with each other.

“Last time I was in the studio with 69 he told me he could tell that you were really hoping he was gay in real life & that you really tried to touch him in that pool. The reason you mad is due to me & him being close before he went to jail. I didn’t mean to hand out with your “boyfriend” in your head. I only meant to do a dope song,” a fan quoted Minaj’s comment.

In the meantime, fans reacted to Jade’s claim. “Well well well…what do we have here… Akademiks is a lil fruity booty… that’s why he don’t like Saucy Santana,” one person wrote.

“I don’t understand how y’all partake in these activities with these men and then expose them… your exposing yourself as well,” another person said. “Makes sense. No wonder Santana made him cry. Undercover always gets emotional when they get called out,” another added.

Tekashi 6ix9ine nor DJ Akademiks have not responded to the claims. However, the rainbow-haired rapper’s current girlfriend Yailin La Más Viral was arrested over the weekend and charged with felony assault after 69 shared a video of her hitting him with a piece of wood and damaging his cars.