IRO head, Chaguanas West MP condemn temple desecration

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

Chaguanas MP Dinesh Rambally – AYANNA KINSALE

PRESIDENT of the Inter Religious Organisation (IRO) Pundit Lloyd Mukran Sirjoo and Chaguanas MP Dinesh Rambally have condemned Thursday’s desecration of the Munroe Road Hindu Temple.

Rambally said he is more outraged because Munroe Road is his home temple.

In a social media response to a post by Rambally , the IRO head said, “Too much of this type of intrusion and destruction is sweeping our land.

“Hindus seems to be in the forefront in very appalling situations.”

He expressed little confidence in the police service.

“We don’t expect too much from the TTPS. What has been their history of their solving crimes against our communities? Plenty talking is taking place. However, very little action, if any, is in the making.

“Again as I continuously did in the past, I totally condemn these intrusions and again as in the past l request that the TTPS act with haste in solving these crimes against our communities.”

Rambally told the Newsday on Friday he ws deeply saddened and appalled by the reprehensible break-in.

“I am not only concerned because the temple falls within my constituency, or that it is one of Maha Sabha’s religious institutions, but also this is my home temple. I have been involved from the inception, when the foundation was being laid, up to today.

“This temple is the heartbeat of the Munroe Road community, uniting members in faith, worship, goodwill, charity and even camaraderie.”

Rambally said the theft of sacred items and the desecration of murtis and the removal of adornments not only represent criminal acts in and of themselves, but a deeply disturbing attack on those who adhere to the Hindu faith.

Thieves used bolt-cutters to cut locks to the temple, which they ransacked. They escaped with cash from donation boxs and containers, as well as jewellery and high-end clothing which were adorning the murtis.

“Such actions are not only a violation of personal property but an assault on the spiritual and cultural values of the community.

“It is disheartening to witness such incidents that target religious spaces, as they undermine the principles of tolerance, respect, and coexistence that our society should uphold. As a member of our community, I find it difficult to comprehend how anyone could perpetrate such a heinous act.”

In the face of this unfortunate event, Rambally expressed “profound disappointment and, regrettably, a loss of trust in those who claim to be our political leaders, who have continued to trivialise these violations. They have…aided and abetted the continuation of these criminal acts by pretending that it really does not matter too much.

“I disagree. I believe it is crucial for our leaders to unequivocally condemn such acts of religious intolerance and work towards fostering an environment of unity and understanding.”

He said he was pleased the IRO head has condemned the incident and stood firm in his condemnation of any form of violence against any religious place of worship and institution.

“Our collective commitment to peace, harmony and acceptance must prevail, and I will continue to speak out against these atrocities.”