Intruder shot dead during attempted home-invasion in Chaguanas

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

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AN UNIDENTIFIED man was shot dead after attempting to force his way into a house in central Trinidad on Saturday.

Police said that at about 8.10 pm, the man climbed over a fence and went into the yard of the house in Soogrim Trace, Chaguanas.

A female occupant who saw the man trying to force open a door of the house raised an alarm and another occupant, who is a licensed firearm holder, pointed his weapon through a burglar-proofed window and fired a shot at the intruder. A report was made to police and the occupants remained locked inside, until officers.

When police got into the yard, they found the intruder dead witgh a gunshot wound to his head. The scene was processed and the body removed to the Forensic Science Centre in St James. Police sources said an effort would be made to identify the man via his fingerprints.

When Newsday visited the house on Sunday, none of the occupants were willing to be interviewed.

Neighbours later said they were shocked at what had happened as they said while there were several break-ins over the years, within recent times, things had quietened down in Googrim Trace.

“A good few years ago when we just moved in to the area, it seemed like every two weeks someone’s home was broken into. Back then, there weren’t as many houses as there are now and the only neighbour we had was far away,” said a woman.

Other residents said they are now fearful for their families and neighbours.

“To see all of this take place, people are understandably in fear,” the male resident said. “We know in the back here to always be quiet, but you see the times we are living in.”

Investigations are continuing