Intimacy coach: Foreplay doesn’t start in the bedroom Loop Barbados

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The content originally appeared on: Barbados News

“Let the lovemaking start before you get in the bedroom.”

Whether you are planning to stay indoors or go out on a dinner date this Valentine’s Day, intimacy coach Katrina Ifill, is reminding couples that foreplay starts “long before you actually start to make love.”

The founder and director of Orgasmik Intelligence says that keeping the passion alive has nothing to do with the actual act of sex, but the process. Of course, ending the night with a grand climax is a must but it should not be the only goal.

“Especially, for women because it takes longer for us to get aroused and oftentimes women will feel ashamed because of that but they need to understand that’s how their bodies operate. Feel comfortable to explain that you have got to wine and dine me, you have got to love me long before you touch my body,” Katrina told Loop Lifestyle.

“Enjoy each other’s company whether it is dinner, a night walk, good open honest conversation,” she added.

Placing yourself and your pleasure, or rather bliss, is important first and foremost. The sexual empowerment leader is a strong advocate for “self cultivation” or as most people say masturbation.

Katrina told Loop that self cultivation is an empowering act. Women create a roadmap or guide that informs their partner of what makes them feel good.

Relax, take it slow and don’t focus too much on the orgasm or squirting because you won’t be able to fully enjoy the moment, she advised.

“Don’t let it be all about your partner. Make sure you as a woman get bliss as well so both [of you] will be happy,” Katrina stressed.

Set the stage, play some music, use a vibrator or massage oils and have fun together.

Instead of rushing the brush and spoiling the painting, taking the time to perfect the stroke will help you to appreciate the masterpiece.