International delegates praise Trinidad and Tobago on human rights

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

Police interact with Black Lives Matter protesters at Queen’s Park Savannah, Port of Spain on June 8, 2020. –

INTERNATIONAL delegates participating in the virtual 39th session of the UN’s Universal Periodic Review Working Group’s review of human rights in Trinidad and Tobago praised Government’s efforts to protect human rights.

Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi had given an account of the Government’s work in this area on Tuesday.

Several delegates offered recommendations for Government to consider to improve its efforts.

Australian delegate Genevieve Bernacki suggested Government “amend all legislation that discriminates against persons with disabilities.” She also suggested “an improvement of the implementation of national legislation polices and polices to reduce gender-based violence and protect victims and survivors.”

Bernacki also suggested amendments to the Equal Opportunity Act “to prohibit discrimination against LGBTI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) persons and review laws criminalising consensual same sex relations.”

She said legislation should be enacted to protect refugees and grant asylum, on the international refugee issue.

UK delegate Laura Frances Callaghan-Pace welcomed TT efforts to deal with Venezuelan migrants and amendments to domestic violence laws. She suggsted a “roadmap for development of national refugee legislation.”

US delegate. Jesse Lee Lynch said Government should ensure there are investigations into incidents of alleged police killings of citizens and reports of police officers taking bribes.

He suggested Government expand registration to all Venezuelan migrants so they can access various services.

Bulgaria representative. Genoveva Nenova praised TT for significant strides with respect to prison reform and helping people with disablities.

Chinese delegate Jiang Duan said TT should continue to advance human rights and promote sustainable economic development.

Venezuelan delegate Hector Constant Rosales praised TT’s efforts to combat the covid19 pandemic and said TT should continue to strengthen its social welfare and health care systems.

Nepal delegate. Chandika Pokhrel said more should be done to combat human trafficking, especially trafficking in women and young girls.

Fiji representative Augustin Leroy Sokimi and Finland delegate Kirsti Kauppi said there should be an official moratorium on the implementation of the death penalty.