Independent Senator Richards praises Kangaloo’s advocacy

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

File photo: Independent Senator Paul Richards.

INDEPENDENT Senator Paul Richards praised President Christine Kangaloo for signalling her intention to raise the level of debate on important issues facing TT today.

In her inaugural address after being was sworn-in at the Queen’s Park Savannah on Monday, Kangaloo said she proposed to achieve many goals during her presidency through relentless advocacy.

“I will devote all of my energy to advocating for better conditions, for better arrangements, for better platforms, and for better opportunities for all.”

Kangaloo was clear that “relentlessness means that I must be combative or belligerent. Far from it. That is not my way.”

She said, “My way is to be your diplomat-in-chief, making the case for a better TT firmly, but without acrimony or bitterness. My words do not need to be shouted in the public square.”

Kangaloo added, “There is already too much shouting going on in our country today. I believe that we all need to be calmer and more reflective. And I propose to lead in that regard, by example.”

Richards said, “The ideal of raising the level of discourse and collaboration in the interest of progressing as a unified nation is noble and challenging at the same time.

He added, “But having the highest office holder in the country highlighting this type of ideal is refreshing and important especially at this time in our nations history.”

Richards praised Kangaloo’s thoughts on “demystifying the Presidency and making President’s House more accessible are welcomed.”

He said, “Her focus on the youth and opening President’s house to artistic , cultural and intellectual engagements is also very commendable.”

Richards welcomed the tribute Kangaloo paid to all her predecessors “and in particular the grace, respect and gratitude Her Excellency paid to Paula-Mae Weekes for her service to TT.”

Richards wished Kangaloo a successful and enjoyable tenure as President.

It is yet to be seen if any of the current Independent Senators – selected by immediate past president Weekes – will resign to allow the new President to select her own senators as part of her remit.