ICT students complete Huawei internship programme

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

The graduates of the Huawei internship program pose with their certificates at Huawei TT’s office at Park Place, Queen’s Park Savannah, Port of Spain on March 4. – Photo Sureash Cholai

NINE students in ICT technology and finance graduated from Huawei’s global six-month ICT internship programme on Friday last week.

The programme, aimed at university students completing their final year or freshly graduated students of universities, went on between 2021 and 2022 and gave the cohort hands-on experience in fields such as IT engineering, wireless sales, cloud solutions and wireless engineering.

Jeff Jin, Huawei Trinidad and Tobago CEO, congratulated students for enduring the pressures and challenges meted out to them over the six-month period and encouraged them to continue to be curious and reliable as they continued in their careers.

“The most important thing you need for success is curiosity,” he said.

“Everything starts there. The reason we wanted interns to join us is because you ask questions. Don’t lose this curiosity as you progress,” he said.

Intern in the cloud solutions department Christian Hamid thanked Huawei for the initiative and said the programme was a revelation which gave hands-on knowledge which they could not get through theory alone.

“We weren’t given mundane everyday tasks to do. We were thrown into the deep end. We were given tasks in our relevant departments that educated us more than we would have gotten through theory alone. I really appreciate this experience,” he said.

Fixed network sales intern Kaylani Mathura thanked the staff and management at Huawei for their assistance and guidance through the programme.

“I thought it would be too much because I didn’t come from the ICT sector. I was educated in engineering. So I came in thinking that I would not know anything,” she said.

“But I realised that one of the best things about working here is the support that you get. Regardless of what your background is, they teach you according to your background.”

Recruitment for the 2022/2023 internship in the region is already underway, Huawei said.