Hunters: No baby in Hardbargain forest

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

After receiving a distress call about the sounds of a baby crying in some bushes in Hardbargain, Williamsville, on Friday afternoon, the police and members of the NGO Hunters Search and Rescue Team led by Vallence Rambharat launched a massive search.

However, hours later, the team did not find a baby or the source of the sound.

Reports are at around 1 pm, a passerby called the police about the “cries of a baby” in a forested area off Sisters Road. The passerby waited, and other people joined in. They, too, claimed to have heard the cries but did not see any baby or animal.

Princes Town police confirmed that no baby was found.

Rambharat said the same thing, adding that there was nothing to suggest that a baby was around.

He said the team was on site doing the necessary checks.

Asked what might have made the sounds, he said the mating sounds of female cats in heat can be mistaken for the sounds of a baby.

Two years ago, on November 19, 2020, Freeport police were alerted by the sound of a newborn girl in an area overground in bushes near Beaucarro Road Junction.

The baby was covered in ants with her severed umbilical cord nearby, suggesting she might have been only a few weeks old. She was taken for a medical check-up, and healthcare professionals found her to be dehydrated but was otherwise healthy.

The child’s parents have never been identified, and the child became a ward of the state.