Hopeful homeowners tour HDC’s Carlton Place in San Fernando

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

Michelle Vialva Ganpath, Lance Ganpath and their son, Thiago, during a visit to HDC’s open house at Carlton Place, Leotaud Street, San Fernando on Saturday. – Lincoln Holder

THE Housing Development Corporation (HDC) held an open house session on Saturday for potential homeowners at the newly built Carlton Place, Leotaud Street in San Fernando.

Work on the project, which consisted of three apartment buildings, began in January 2020 and while one building was completed, there was no confirmed completion date for the other two.

The project provided 30 two-bedroom and one-bathroom apartments at a cost of $825,000 each, and 30 three-bedroom and two-bathroom apartments at a cost of $990,000 each.

HDC said, “Carlton Place boasts of luxurious, modern units, equipped with high-end amenities and contemporary finishings.

“The HDC spent in the vicinity of $62 million for development of three apartment buildings (60 apartment units), its associated infrastructure and amenities as part of the revitalisation of San Fernando.”

Potential homeowner Michelle Vialva Ganpath and Lance Ganpath said they have been on HDC’s waiting list for over ten years.

She said earlier this week, she received a phone call about the open house session and was excited to see what was available.

Ganpath, a mother of one said, “We applied to the HDC a while ago and was called for a scheduled viewing today. Given the location and accessibility to everything, the cost is affordable.”

“This is a convenient location because all our activities, like groceries, recreation are usually done in San Fernando, and it looks like a safe place for my family.

Mayor Junia Regrello said he was excited for the project because it meant that great attraction to San Fernando and revitalise the inner city.

“This investment is commendable because it will bring some energy and boost the economy of the inner-city activity, create opportunities and employment.”

People interested in Carlton Place, the HDC said, can apply through its normal application process.

On hand were the TT Mortgage Finance Co Ltd and Republic Bank to assist with funding for the apartment.

Isaiah Thomas, another potential buyer, said he had seen the construction over the past months and was intrigued by the set up.

He said it was an area he would consider moving his family to and was on hand to get more information about the application process.

“I have been in talks with the financial institutions for some time and hopefully there is some relief today.

“The application process with HDC is very long. The process needs to change and speed up to allow people access to homes. There are a lot of units that people want to acquire, and people would like more accurate information about how to get homes and not through the grapevine.”

Thomas said the HDC should have more open house sessions to give people a chance to make informed decisions about the houses and communities that they would like to be a part of.