Help me find my mother


FOR the past two days, Shairoon Rampersad and five other members of her family have been scouring the streets of San Fernando for any sign of her missing mother, 61-year-old Zorina Mahaboob.

She is now calling on police to take a more active role in finding her mother.

Mahaboob was last seen leaving her sister’s Chase Village home around 7.30am on Tuesday to go to her own home a short distance away for some clothing.

When she failed to return, relatives began searching for her. Mahaboob had been locked in a legal battle with a close male relative over property and Shairoon believes the stress may have caused her to have a mental breakdown.

She was reported missing on Tuesday night.

But Shairoon is calling on the police to do more to find her mother.

“They have kept in touch with us by phone, but I think it’s time they take a more active role in finding her,” she said. “We appreciate what they did by going to the house the night she went missing to look, but we are looking without success because there are places we cannot go to search.”

The group has been leaving their homes before sunrise each day to search for Mahaboob. Shairoon said so far, they have searched the San Fernando General Hospital, where a security officer reported seeing Mahaboob on Tuesday, the city’s market and the streets.

“A lot of people on the street say that they have seen her, so I think she was staying on the street.”

Mahaboob suffers from high blood pressure and diabetes.

Anyone with information on her whereabouts is asked to contact any police station or the family at 672-3795.

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