Heat protection tips for children and toddlers


The temperatures in Louisiana have been extreme, and it is very important to make sure your children stay healthy and safe with the temperatures being so extreme. Extreme heat caused 8,966 deaths in the United States from 1979-2002. Here are some tips to help protect your children from heat exhaustion or heat-related illness. Be sure to keep your children hydrated with plenty of water. Additionally, do not give them drinks that contain a lot of sugar because they can cause your children to lose body fluids that are needed. Be sure to limit their outdoor activity to the early morning or late evening. If your children get restless being inside during the heat of the day, take them to indoor…

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Syria and the Phantom

What was that Turkish F-4 Phantom II up to when the Syrians shot it down? Ankara said the plane strayed into Syrian airspace but quickly left and was over international waters when it was attacked, a simple case of carelessness on the part of the Turkish pilot that Syrian paranoia […]