Guyanese Terror Plot Was Payback For Palestinians – Witness


CaribWorldNews, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. July 2, 2010: A key prosecution witness in the Guyanese John F. Kennedy International Airport terror plot said yesterday the two accused men on trial wanted payback for the United States sending weapons to Israel to kill Palestinians.

Witness Donald Nero, who said he had been involved with defendants Russell DeFreitas and Abdul Kadir in the initial stages of planning the attack, told the court that in those meetings, DeFreitas and others conspired to bomb jet-fuel supply tanks and gas pipelines at JFK.

Nero, who said he participated in several meetings in Guyana, his native land, in late 2006, said the accused sought to inflict `economical damage, destruction of airport property and loss of life.`

He said DeFreitas told those gathered at the meetings that he personally loaded U.S. `bombs, missiles and planes` bound for Israel while working at JFK.

He said the men planned a blast that would `blow through the airport and through to Queens.`

DeFreitas and Kadir were charged in 2007 with conspiracy to attack a public transportation system, conspiracy to destroy a building with fire and explosives, conspiracy to attack aircraft and aircraft materials, conspiracy to destroy an international airport and conspiracy to attack a mass transportation facility.

Kadir was also charged with surveillance of a transportation facility.
Two other men were also arrested in the plot. Kareem Ibrahim, of Trinidad and Tobago, was deemed too ill and may face trial at a later date. Guyanese Abdel Nur, 60, on Tuesday pleaded guilty to a separate charge of material support to terrorism and faces up to 15 years in prison.
If convicted, DeFreitas and Kadir face life in prison.


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