Guyana, Venezuela sign Argyle decree, rejecting violence over Essequibo

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

FILE -Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro –

VENEZUELAN President Nicolas Maduro and Guyanese President Dr Irfaan Ali both agreed to reject any threat of violence in their dispute over the Essequibo region and to refrain from any escalation of the disagreement.

Late Thursday night, Maduro posted on Twitter/ X a copy of the Argyle Declaration agreed by both leaders after earlier talks in St Vincent under the auspices of Caricom, the Community of Latin America and the Caribbean (CELAC), Brazil and the UN. 

Maduro posted it with the caption, “Excellent day of dialogue.”

The declaration said all parties present had committed to Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) as a zone of peace

Guyana and Venezuela agreed not to use nor threaten to use force, directly or indirectly, in any dispute between them but to rely on international law including the 1966 Geneva Agreement. 

They committed to “good neighbourliness, peaceful co-existence and unity” of the LAC region. 

The two nations agreed to not escalate any controversy between them but to report any incident arising to Caricom, CELAC and Brazil. Guyana and Venezuela agreed to meet in three months’ time in Brazil, or otherwise as agreed. 

A joint commission will be set up between Guyana and Venezuela on the controversy within three months. 

The declaration noted Guyana’s support and Venezuela’s rejection of the role of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in adjudicating the dispute.