Griffith’s attorney: Rowley’s remarks unfair to my client

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

Former police commissioner Gary Griffith. –

One of the attorneys representing former police commissioner Gary Griffith has responded to reports made by the Prime Minister that a letter was sent to the Police Service Commission (PSC) detailing a loss of confidence in Griffith.

During a media conference at the Diplomatic Centre, St Ann’s, on Saturday, Dr Rowley admitted that he wrote a letter to the PSC in which he expressed a loss of confidence in Griffith as police commissioner.

Rowley declined to provide further details on what led to his discontent.

When contacted, Larry Lalla, one of Griffith’s attorneys, did not want to comment until he saw the contents of the letter but said the remarks made by Rowley were unfair and tarnished the reputation of his client.

“It is very unfair to Mr Griffith for the Prime Minister to make a comment like that which obviously impugns the character of Mr Griffith in the eyes of the national community without informing the national community in what context he wrote the Police Service Commission, and whether Mr Griffith had any opportunity to defend himself in relation to those comments.

“He’s being very unfair to Mr Griffith.”