Griffith wants PM, Hinds to take polygraph test

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

Former commissioner of police and political leader of the National Transformation Alliance Gary Griffith. –

FORMER commissioner of police and political leader of the National Transformation Alliance Gary Griffith wants Prime Minister Dr Rowley and National Security Minister Fitzgerald Hinds to “practice what they preach” and subject themselves to polygraph testing.

“Rowley and Hinds must lead by example, don’t ask police officers to be polygraphed if you are afraid to do so yourself.”

In a media statement on June 22, Griffith said he looked at the debate of the bill with “great interest” but chose not to delve too deeply into its “pros and cons.”

He claimed he was the first commissioner to extensively use polygraph testing voluntarily. Griffith calls the testing two-fold and says it acts as a screener to determine who might be dishonest and serves as a deterrent for those afraid to be tested.

Griffith called on the government, particularly the PM, members of the National Security Council (NSC), specifically Hinds, to undergo polygraph tests. He stressed the importance of leaders tasked with combating criminal elements and ensuring public safety.

Griffith claimed during his tenure as commissioner, he voluntarily took several polygraph tests administered by a “highly qualified and recognised” polygraph tester in Florida.

The question asked of him was whether he had ever benefited from illegal activities as CoP, including firearms. Griffith says the results “conclusively proved his integrity, debunking any contrary claims.”

Griffith said NSC members should undergo similar testing to demonstrate their commitment to transparency and leadership.

He suggested specific questions for the polygraph tests, including inquiries about influencing the Police Service Commission, authorising unauthorised police actions, meeting with junior officers for improper purposes, exerting influence for personal gain, and engaging in activities involving political opponents and state resources.