Government to decide on HDC house for Peterkin family

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

A FAMILY’S GRIEF: Relatives of the four murdered Peterkin siblings speak to police outside the family’s home in La Retreat Ext Road, Guanapo on September 21. – FILE PHOTO

Member of Parliament for Arima Pennelope Beckles-Robinson says Government is considering a request for HDC housing for the family of the four slain Peterkin siblings.

Ten-year-old Faith Peterkin, her sisters Arianna, 14 and Tiffany, 19 and their brother Shain, 17, were shot dead when gunmen entered their home in Heights of Guanapo shortly after midnight on September 21 and began shooting.

They were buried after a funeral at Allen’s Funeral Home in Arima on Friday.

Speaking after the funeral, Beckles-Robinson said she met with the victims’ parents, Sean Peterkin and Anesa Mohamed, on Thursday to discuss what assistance the government could offer the family.

“I spoke to Minister Cox and I know the Ministry of Social Development will be assisting. Of course, a lot is offered from that ministry in situations like this but following the burial I think that’s when most of the things will kick in.”

She said housing and counselling were mentioned during the meeting.

“The father talked about his feelings on the impossibility of closure and not really wanting to go back there at all because of the memories and the experience.”

“Based on the requests they have made, I will speak with Minister Robinson-Regis, and I have already spoken with Minister Cox, and certainly the three of us will be working together to give whatever assistance that is possible to help them in this time of need.

Asked about the possibility of expediting the process of securing an HDC house for the family, she promised she would do everything she could to help.

“(Under) the circumstances, I am sure Minister Regis and the (HDC) CEO will do all that is possible to assist them.”

The Arima MP said the incident had a ripple effect on the community, with several other families also moving out.

Faith’s principal at Santa Rosa Government Primary School, Nadia Khan-Forte, said the incident has affected everyone at the school.

“It’s not only Faith we’ve lost, it’s our past students as well. Our teachers and our students needed to have counselling during this week. It is really a sad day for our school family.”

She added, “The children (at school) are behaving differently, and they are really saddened and grief-stricken by this.”

Khan-Forte said the school has begun donation and fund-raising activities to support the family.