Girl, 10, killed crossing Bus Route in Macoya


A standard four student from St Joseph Government Primary School was killed on the Priority Bus Route, on Sunday.

Annessa Gabrina Nero, 10, left her home at St Rose Avenue, Macoya Gardens, at around 11.30 am to go to a near-by shop on the opposite side of the Bus Route for a pound of salt and a brownie.

Police officers look at one of Annessa Gabrina Nero’s slippers on the Priority Bus Route in Macoya on Sunday. Nero’s slipper flew off when she was knocked down and killed minutes before. – Ayanna Kinsale

While attempting to cross the road, Annessa was struck by a navy blue Hyundai Accent heading east.

Annessa was the only girl and last child in her family. She had four brothers.

In an interview, Annessa’s mother, Cherry Nero, said she was preparing macaroni to make a pie when her daughter-in-law screamed out to her that Annessa had been hit by a car.

“I am in a mess right now. I dropped everything and ran out the house to where my child body was lying on the road.

“I was cooking, and she asked me for a brownie. I told her to hold on. Eventually she went to the shop and my daughter-in-law was outside when she got hit.

“She was on the pavement and the driver ran up on the pavement. All I hear is my daughter-in-law bawl out ‘Oh God Miss Cherry, Gabrina get bounce down’ and I just run outside. I now get a pants to put on.”

Nero said her daughter officially lived in Maracas St Joseph with her father and only came to spend the Easter vacation with her.

A police officer looks at a vehicle that was involved in an accident that took the life of ten-year-old Annessa Gabrina Nero on the Priority Bus Route, Macoya, on Sunday. – Ayanna Kinsale

She said her daughter was also getting ready to go back home to her father later on Sunday afternoon.

“The doctors said she died at 12.05 pm.”

Nero said Annessa was accustomed to going to the shop on her own.

“They all know her there. I ain’t too long finished wash up all her clothes. I bought-up things for her to take back home.

A police officer speaks to a resident of Macoya after 10 year old Annessa Gabrina Nero was knocked down on the Priority Bus Route on Sunday. – Ayanna Kinsale

“You can imagine the mess I am in. My baby gone! She gone just like that. My baby girl really gone!”

Nero said Annessa was her only daughter.

“Her stepfather, everyone is in a mess right now.

On the accident, Nero said, “I understand this plain-clothes officer who bounce my child had no purpose being on the bus-route. Just yesterday she went to the shop. I can’t believe this happen to my child. She is lying here in the bodybag and I can’t believe it is my child I am looking at.”

A relative consoles the brother of 10 year old Annessa Gabrina Nero after getting confirmation of her death. Nero was knocked down on the Priority Bus Route, Macoya, on Sunday. – Ayanna Kinsale

Nero’s daughter-in-law, Kathleen Mulligan, said she stood outside in the yard waiting for Annessa to return from the shop.

She said she heard the noise of car brakes but when she saw Annessa going to cross, there was nothing she could do but scream out.

“I don’t know if Gabrina saw the car, but she stood on the pavement for a while. Then Gabrina looked up the road (to the east) and stepped onto the road.

“All I saw is her body going up in the air and then dropped on the opposite side of the road (the west-bound lane).”

The shopkeeper, Calvin Oliver, said the girl’s death was a painful issue to deal with and he could not believe what happened.

“She was just here. I now sell her some salt and a brownie.

“She now came in with her little mask on her face and she was in a bubbly mood. I really can’t believe this happened.”.

Officers attached to the Tunapuna Police Station are investigating.


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