“Ghett’a Life” Actor Christopher McFarlane Has Died

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Jamaican actor Christopher McFarlane has died.

The Award-winning actor, who is best known for his role in the cult classic Jamaican movie Ghett’a Life, reportedly passed away suddenly this week. Sources told Urban Islandz on Saturday that Christopher McFarlane passed away at a local hospital after a brief illness. We’re told that the local theater community is in shock since the actor is currently working on new acting projects, and no one knew he was ill.

“No one knew he was sick or going through anything health related, so you can imagine the shock everyone feeling now after getting this terrible news,” sources told us.

Local actors, including Dahlia Harris and Junior Williams, are among the prominent Jamaican actors who are reacting to the news of McFarlane’s death. “Caan tek no more. Chris,” Harris tweeted.

Chris McFarlane is a decorated actor and one of the most recognized names in the local film and theater industry. Chris previously won an Actor Boy Award for Best Actor in a Lead Role in A Tempest. He also won an Actor Boy Award for Best Supporting Actor in Basil Dawkins’ Who God Bless.

Perhaps McFarlane is best known for his big screen role in the 2011 movie, Ghett’a Life, where he played the role of the character Don Sin. Chris also landed a role in Marcia Weekes’ 2020 film, Joseph, where he played the role of Christopher King.